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The reader-friendly edition of the EU Constitution

(Including the full Constitution, Final Act, Protocols, Declarations, INDEX, as well as a Table of Equivalences and a Table of Qualified Majority in the Council)


The EUABC - An EU dictionary for Internet users

The EUABC is an Internet dictionary providing concise explanations of terms used in the EU debate, and a lot of useful links. Its aim is to inform people on the debate on the future of Europe.

It includes many terms that relate to matters of political tension, controversy and debate. Federalists may find arguments and explanations both in favour of and against further European integration, just as Eurosceptics, EU-critics and Eurorealists may find their own arguments and the Federalist counter-arguments to their positions.

The contents of this site are constantly updated. Thus, you will find new entries concerning the EU Constitution, which was agreed by Heads of State on 18 June 2004. We also recommend you the Reader-Friendly edition of the EU Constitution, as well as a PowerPoint presentation on the same subject - you can find this in the Menu under "EU Constitution".

If should you find any mistakes or omissions please email the editor at editor@euabc.com

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