Referenda on the new Constitutional Treaty

Both Euro-federalists and Euro-sceptics have called for a referendum in all EU member countries on the proposed constitution. Giscard d`Estaing has also supported the use of referenda.

By June 2004, it was estimated that at least 9 countries would have a referendum on the draft Constitution.

A campaigning group, the European Referendum Campaign (ERC), is calling for a referendum on the Constitution to be held in all EU countries simultaneously with the EU elections in June 2004. For countries whose national constitution does not allow for binding referendums, the ERC calls for consultative referendums to be held there.

Britain and a Referendum on the new Constitution Treaty

British Labour Party Prime Minister Tony Blair has indicated that Britain will not be holding a referendum to decide whether it ratifies the new European Constitution. As Peter Hain, the British governments representative to the Convention stated, "Those starting off on a campaign for a referendum might as well put away their placards and stop wasting their money, because we are not going to do it."


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