Committee of the Regions, CoR

(Photo: Committee of the Regions website)
Members representing local authorities in the EU.
At present, the CoR only has an advisory function.

The future

The EU Constitution proposes that the CoR can go to the EU Court and claim that proposed EU regulations are in breach of the principle that law and policy should be made at the most appropriate level (subsidiarity).

The CoR will have the following distribution of the, up to 344, members in an enlarged EU.

Germany 24
United Kingdom 24
France 24
Italy 24
Spain 21
Poland 21
Romania 15
Netherlands 12
Greece 12
Czech Republic 12
Belgium 12
Hungary 12
Portugal 12
Sweden 12
Bulgaria 12
Austria 12
Slovakia 9
Denmark 9
Finland 9
Ireland 9
Lithuania 9
Latvia 7
Slovenia 7
Estonia 7
Cyprus 6
Luxemburg 6
Malta 5